2019 Course List

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Jan. 29        – Excel (4, 2 hour sessions)

Feb. 1 & 2   – Canadian Firearms Safety Course Non-Restricted (1 evening, 1 day)

Feb. 3         – Canadian Firearms Safety Course Restricted (1 day)

Feb. 5        – Smart Phones and Tablet Basics (2, 2 hour sessions)

Feb. 5        –UPSkills for Work (6, 3 hour sessions)

Feb. 5        – Advanced English Language Learners (12, 2 hour sessions)

Feb. 11       – Microsoft Office Professional Program – with Business IQ

Feb. 12       – Word (4, 2 hour sessions)

Feb. 13      – Saving Acceleration Program with Alicja (1 hour session)

Feb. 23 & 24 –  First Aid & CPR C (need determines length)

Feb. 25     – Ratios, Rates, and Percent (8, 2 hour sessions)

Mar. 7        – Vegreville’s Got Talent  

Mar. 7        –For the Love of Learning! 50-50 Draw Date

Mar. 11      –  First Aid & CPR C (need determines length)(Blended Class)

Mar. 13      – Probate of Will, Costs and Timelines with Alicja (1 hour session)

TBA           – Clear Communication Workshop

Mar. 26      – Learners License Prep (3, 3 hour sessions)

Mar. 29 & 30 – Canadian Firearms Safety Course Non-Restricted (1 evening, 1 day)

Mar. 31         – Canadian Firearms Safety Course Restricted (1 day)

Apr. 4 & 5      – First Aid & CPR C (need determines length)

Apr. 10       – OAS, CPP, PSB, GIS  with Alicja  (1 hour session)

May 4 & 5    – First Aid & CPR C (need determines length)

May 8         – Power of Attorney, Personal Directive and Wills with Alicja (1 hour                            session)

June 7        –  First Aid & CPR C (need determines length) (Blended Class)

June 12      – Death executors responsibility and taxes with Alicja (1 hour session)

Online learning in Partnership with NorQuest College (start anytime) – ask us about these courses and how to get started.

GED Preparation Foundation

Pre-Trades Math and Science Preparation Foundation

Pre-Algebra Foundations

High School Math Prep Foundations

Prep for Practical Nurse Math Foundations

Essential Mathematics Foundations

Knitting Circle:   Starting in September  – bring your project, materials or questions and learn from others.  You don’t have to be an expert- all levels Welcome!

Technically Challenged?   Call to book your appointment between 10 & 12 and 2 -4 on Tuesday and Thursday.  Bring your questions (and your laptop/device if you want) and we will try to help you find the answers.

English Language Learners:  1:1 tutoring or classroom – classes resume in the Fall 

English Mixed Level learners: –  $2.00 drop in fee per class.

CELPIP/IELTS/Advanced: 6:30-8:30 PM. For those who are studying for their exam and those who want to improve their English skills Classes start in October

or 1:1 tutoring may be available.

Instructors: Do you have skills to share, come and talk to us about the possibility of joining our team of instructors at VegMin.

Volunteer Tutors Required: Tutors are required to assist learners in various areas (English, reading, writing, numeracy, computers & technology).

Volunteer Tutor position description

For more details about course content and registration fees, contact VegMin Learning at 780-632-7920 or visit www.vegmin.com

@VegminLearning on Twitter  and  ‘like’  us on facebook

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